10 Innovative Packing Hacks That You Need To Know

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Typically when I travel, I wait until the last minute to pack everything. So I end up over packing for the trip and have to check like ten bags as a result. Is anyone else guilty of this too? Hauling large suitcases is such a hassle to deal with while traveling. So that is why I now I use these ten innovative packing hacks every time I travel. To my surprise when I actually follow these steps, I am able to travel without checking one bag.
Morgan England travel blogger sharing packing hacks

Use These Packing Hacks Before Your Next Adventure:

1. Find The Ultimate Carry-On Luggage

First of all, you need to invest in quality carry-on luggage that you love. The bags need to be lightweight, but still large enough to fit all your necessities. I cannot get enough of my new carry-on luggage from Dagne Dover! Recently, I went to New York on a trip using these bad boy. I love to use my carryall bag and backpack at the airport because they are so lightweight and easy to carry around. The carryall has a lot of zippers and pockets inside so that you can fit everything you need. My favorite part about this particular brand is that you always get more for your money. For example, my carry-on came with a key leash, shoe duster, laptop sleeve, and an air mesh pouch. Also, I pack a toiletry bag that is perfect for travel size beauty products.
Also, I always travel with a backpack because you throw it on and it is one less thing to carry. Some people prefer to travel with a tote bag because it looks better with their outfit. Yet, they also are the same people who are complaining about their neck and shoulders post travel. You can fit so much more in a backpack and it is possible to find fun styles like this one. I pack most of my electronics (laptop, camera, etc.) in this bag. My accessories and undergarments go in my backpack as well. I always travel with my slim wallet that holds my passport, drivers license, and boarding pass. I like having these items handy so I can show them to airport security.
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 2. Make A List, Check It Twice

Packing can be pure chaos at times. In the past, I always put it off until the last minute because I hate everything about it. With that said, I now create a list before packing and it helps to ease stress. At least one day before, I write down all the outfits I want to wear during the trip. Underneath the outfit ideas, I include bullet points of each item that I need to create the outfit. After my outfits have made the list, I then add everything else necessary for my trip.
Once my list is complete, I go around my apartment and hunt down the items that I will be packing. The reason why I do this in advance is so that I know if I need to buy anything extra. Also, the list helps to ensure that you are not leaving anything behind.

3. Invest In Travel Size Items

To travel light, you need to downsize the items you are packing. Travel size items are great because they are affordable and meet TSA guidelines. Another perk about travel size products is that you can leave them in your suitcase for the next trip. You will save so much time when packing for your next trip.
 Dagne Dover 365 collection bags featured on Style On Edge travel blog

4. Roll everything

Whenever I pack for a trip, I roll my clothing instead of folding them all. Rolling up everything frees up space in your bag and it also decreases the chance of wrinkles. So remember the next time you pack to roll instead of fold. After all, who wants to spend their vacation ironing? Definitely not this girl!

5. Review TSA guidelines

If you plan to take carry-on luggage only, make sure to follow TSA guidelines when packing liquids. According to TSA, for carry-on bags, all liquids must be in a 3.4 ounce (100 ml) or smaller container. You will pack these items in a resealable bag the size of one quart. The last thing you want to have to do is empty out containers during checkpoint security.

6. Pack only what you need 

Pack only the items that are on your packing list to avoid the headache of overpacking.
Dagne Dover 365 collection bags featured on Style On Edge travel blog

7. Layers on layers

Wear layers at the airport to help adjust to climate changes while packing less items. Also, pack in layers so that the security agent can see the items in your bag.

8. Try Vacuum-packed bags 

A great way to save space in your carry-on is to use vacuum-packed bags like these! My mom actually uses this method for moving large items such as bedding and pillows. You throw the item in the bag and vacuum out all the air. Then when you get to your destination let out the air.

9. Pack dual-purpose items

So let’s say that two of your outfits need a pair of jeans. Do you really need to pack two pairs of jeans? Pack your favorite pair. Also, remind yourself that chances are that no one will even notice or care.
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10. Enjoy your trip!

Now you can pack efficiently, relax and enjoy the fun experience that you have coming up! Do you have any extra packing hacks you would like to share? Please post below in the comment section!
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