Top Secret Winter Beauty Routine That Every Girl Is Dying To Know

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Hey There,

Today I thought that I would share my full beauty routine with you guys. I love everything about beauty: makeup, hair, skincare, etc. I think it is important to stay well groomed and maintained each day. I am not saying these are the only things you should use or that what I do during my own beauty routine each day is the correct way. After all I am in no way a beautician but I often have comments asking about my beauty products that I use so I thought I would share. This is just a full list of all the items that I use each day (yes I know its a lot lol) but I have considered videoing my full makeup routine for you all. What do you think? Should I make a tutorial? Comment below and let me know. I hope you are having a great Wednesday and enjoy this blog post! Below are the items that I use each day, just click on an image and you can purchase the item for yourself. 

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For my hair,

My Skincare Routine, 

My Make Up Routine,