My 2016 New Year Resolution

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Happy New Year! 

I cannot believe that it is already 2016! Time flies when you are having fun. 2015 was a big year for me. I found the love of my life, I moved to Indiana, I started my own blog, etc. Last year was all about chasing my dreams. I focused so much on it that I didn’t allow a lot of time for myself. This year I want to focus on making more improvements to myself. I want to work on both my inner and outer beauty. My biggest new year resolution is to get fit again. I used to be so in shape and this year gravity has definitely hit my body lol I believe it is important to stay in shape and be the best that we can be. I have planned out daily workout routines. Starting today even though I am exhausted. A lot of times we make these resolutions and then do not stick with them. I am posting notes all around my apartment so that I am reminded daily. I also purchased a jawbone fitness tracker so that I can keep up with my health daily and it also keeps you in line with daily reminders. 2016 is going to be a great year! I just know it 🙂 I have tagged below a few fitness favorites of mine to get you in the mood to get fit with me! Enjoy today!! XOXO – Girl on the Move