Starting 2016 Off with SkinnyMint 28 Day Teatox

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What is a SkinnyMint Teatox?

The SkinnyMint 28 Day Teatox Cleanse consists of two steps: 1) Morning Boost (consumed every morning): this is the tea that you drink in the morning time to get you going and feeling energized throughout the day; it is the starting point of your daily detox. 2) Night Cleanse (consumed every second night): this the tea that you drink right after your last meal of the day to allow your body to start winding down and relax to gain some major ZZZ’s. It also helps to flush out the bad toxins and help ease bloating and constipation. 

What are the benefits of SkinnyMint 28 Day Teatox?

There are multiple benefits that you will see while consuming this type of teatox but the main goals for SkinnyMint is to help you: improve your skin, kickstart your metabolism, give you energy, suppress your appetite and burn fat, all while enjoying the great, fruity taste of their product. 

What is in SkinnyMint tea?

Morning Boost: A special blend of guarana, green tea and yerba mate to create both a fruity and fresh tea. 

Night Cleanse: A calming night time formulation of ginger root, lemongrass, senna leaves and psyllium husk that is blended together to help purify and detoxify the body. 

Does it taste good?

I am on day one of starting my SkinnyMint 28 Day Journey and I love the taste. I actually added a little bit of raw honey to my tea to give it a sweet flavor. If you love sweet tea, that is what it taste like to me. I will keep you posted if the taste changes for me in any way. I have tried other forms of teatox and SkinnyMint hands down out beats the rest in flavor. 

Is it convenient to keep up with this type of cleanse?

It is very convenient! You just boil the water and then add the tea bag. It is a very simple process. You consume the morning boost every morning before or during breakfast and the you only have to consume the night cleanse every second day of your 28 Day Cleanse. I also recommend combining this cleanse with a well balanced diet and daily exercise. These are great habits to promote a healthier lifestyle which does not just show weight loss but increases your overall health status. 

My 28 Day SkinnyMint Teatox Journey:

Week 1: I just started my Teatox and the taste is so good. I added raw honey to my morning boost to give it a sweeter flavor but it tasted good all on its own. I was surprised by the great flavor just because I have tried other detox plans that taste horrible. SkinnyMint definitely gets 5 stars so far for taste. The detox is already working. It does make you have to visit the restroom often, but that means it is doing the job! You want that to happen. I am combining exercise and healthy eating to my SkinnyMint journey for optimal results. SkinnyMint highly recommends exercise and clean eating to promote your weight loss. 

Example Meal Plan for a Day: 

Breakfast: Whole wheat toast with earth balance peanut butter (all natural and high in protein). Snack 1: Greek yogurt with strawberries. Lunch: A simple salad with spinach, almonds, strawberries. Snack 2: Handful of grapes and almonds. Dinner: Low Calorie Skinny Spinach Lasagna Roll Ups with side salad. Consuming 8 glasses of water a day with the teatox cleanse. 

Day 2: Still loving my SkinnyMint teatox, it is so convenient to use. The Night Cleanse was amazing for relaxing before bedtime. I feel so great this morning and energized after my morning boost. 

You want to cut down on any: white grain products, white sugar, processed foods, artificial sweeteners, and alcohol. 

Workout Plan for the Day: I am going to take the stairs instead of the elevator every time. I love pop sugar fitness videos that are available on youtube. They are so much fun and you can try something different each day. I literally am drenched in sweat after I finish a workout with them. I am going to do the “Burn 300 calories in 30 minutes” video and then “Beat the Belly Bloat in 10 minutes”. I try to do cardio and strength training in the morning time and then relaxing yoga before bed. (I am obsessed with yoga btw, so relaxing).

So that is a sum of my first daily review of SkinnyMint 28 Day Teatox, I will be updating this blog post like a journal daily and each week I will post results from the week. I am so excited to team up with SkinnyMint and kickstart a healthier Morgan England. 

Week 2: Hey friends! Week 2 of consuming SkinnyMint 28 Day Teatox and I am so pleased with results. I dropped 4 lbs this week (mostly that excess water weight, that causes bloating). I feel like my stomach looks slimmer as well. I am looking forward to see more results. I maintained a well balanced diet and workout routines daily throughout the entire process. I have never felt so good in my skin and energized as well. 

Week 3: Hey loves! I can’t believe I am still seeing results into Week 3. I am loving the taste of this teatox and the results have been amazing. I am no longer feeling bloated or sluggish. I also have been craving healthier food items as opposed to junk food. I have been maintained my well balanced diet and combining both cardio/strength workouts and yoga routines daily. I am still feeling great throughout the process and have a lot more energy. 

Week 4: The final week of the SkinnyMint Teatox is here and I am actually sad about it. I have loved the results that I am getting and I actually enjoy the routine of waking up each morning and drinking my tea before a workout. So relaxing! I have still kept up my healthy diet along with working out each morning, those two things combined with the SkinnyMint Teatox have left me feeling wonderful and I am in great shape as well. I lost 11 lbs on this Teatox cleanse so I definitely say that it worth every penny if you are the least bit interested. Start your SkinnyMint teatox journey now! Click on the link below to purchase your very own! Also, below is a picture of me with my final results, feeling amazing thanks to SkinnyMint. 

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