3 Unbelievable Secrets That Will Make Your Self-Tan Last

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Maintaining a flawless tan all year round can seem like a real headache. So when it comes to being tan, I prefer faking it to avoid potential skin damage. As anyone who does self-tan knows that it takes a lot of maintenance it’s flawless appearance.

There’s nothing worse than a blotchy tan; it’s my absolute pet peeve! So with that in mind, over the years I have found ways to make my self-tan last longer.

Morgan England shares self-tan secrets on beauty blog Style On Edge

Self Tan Secrets Revealed

Here are a few tips of my secrets that will make your self-tan last longer. So now you can keep that golden glow that you have been wanting.

  1. Exfoliate

We all know that we need to exfoliate right? Trust me; it is the key to making that bronze look stay! Exfoliating before applying self-tan seems like a lot of effort. So in the past, I skipped this step altogether because in my mind it didn’t matter. Boy, I was wrong! How well your tan lasts is massively reliant on the condition of your skin. So if your skin is overly dry or flaky, then you have a higher chance of having a blotchy tan.

If I know that I will self-tan soon, I start to exfoliate my skin in the shower daily. Also, pay special attention to your elbows and knees where skin can be particularly dry. By the time I begin the process, my skin is smooth, and most of the dry skin cells are gone. So just by adding an extra step to my shower routine, my self-tan will last longer.

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  1. Hydrate and Protect

Keeping the skin hydrated is key to making your self-tan last longer.  Also, it will keep your skin feeling healthy. First, apply a moisturizer all over at least once a day. I like to do this after I am done showering because this is when your skin retains the most moisture. Secondly, if you suffer from any dry patches, apply a little extra moisturizer to the area before going to sleep. Finally, avoid oil-based moisturizers as these can make the tan come off. So instead, I suggest trying a simple lotion that promises to lock in moisture.

When I need my tan to last even longer, I focus on protecting my skin as well. Most of us shower daily, but the hot water and soaps can cause our tans to fade rapidly. So when my self-tan has to go the extra mile, I apply a body oil before I shower. The body oil creates a protective barrier making my tan last longer.

  1. Select The Best Self-Tan Product

The self-tanner that you use of course will also determine how long your tan will last. When you’re looking for a suitable product, try to choose a self-tanner that also offers additional benefits to the skin. Remember, the condition of the skin is essential when it comes to making your self-tan last. I recommend selecting a product that will help hydrate the skin. If possible, opt for a natural self-tanner that will provide nutrients to the skin.

So hopefully after reading this article, you now feel confident to create a self-tan that will last. Just try these extra steps to keep that summer glow all year long. I promise that you will find yourself not having to self-tan as often.

Do you have any suggestions for self-tan tips or must-have products to try? Please share your advice in the comments section below. I love learning new tips to try out and share with others.