The $36 Shirt Dress That You’ll Wear Over And Over

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We all have that one clothing item that we love and find ourselves wearing constantly. Sometimes it is hard to conceal the repeat item from others when it can only be styled one way. So that is why I am introducing you guys to the $36 shirt dress that you’ll wear over and over. By the way, the shirt dress I am talking about is actually on sale right now for only $18, click HERE to shop!

Fashion blogger Morgan England wearing Boohoo shirt dress over denim shorts carrying Gucci Marmont Bag

3 Simple Ways To Style This Shirt Dress

The reason why the shirt dress is a great item to repeat is because you can wear it multiple ways. I love clothing pieces that are versatile. When you invest in an item like this one, you are actually scoring multiple outfits instead of only one.

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1. Open Longline Duster

Style blogger Morgan England wearing Boohoo shirt dress over denim shorts


My favorite way to style this amazing shirt dress is actually as a longline duster. Since I am  in Dallas, it is hot so wearing this piece over denim shorts is the way to go. For this look, I am wearing a pair of heels to dress up the look. I think if you wear flats with this style you may risk looking frumpy. No one wants to look that way, so I definitely suggest pulling out your favorite heels for this outfit.

Red Gucci Bag with striped shirt dress and denim shorts

I went with accessories that compliment the print of the shirt dress without clashing. When you are wearing stripes, sometimes it is hard to pair items with it. So I suggest selecting a bold solid color that really stands out like this Trendlee Gucci Marmont Flap Bag that I am carrying. For jewelry, I went with dainty gold pieces that really accentuate the bag and shirt dress I am wearing.

2. Dress It Up

Another way to style this shirt dress is to actually wear it as a dress. Obvious choice I know, but you can still style this up and make it look different. For example, try grabbing an oversized denim jacket and tying it around your waist to change up the look. You can also wear a pair of heel ankle boots for a dressier fall style. The options are endless when it comes to styling this outfit.

3. New Favorite Button Up

Finally, you can wear the shirt dress as a long button up. Change it up a little bit by not fully buttoning the bottom part of the top. Also, I like to wear button up tops half way tucked into my pants for an alternative look. Once again, options are endless on how you can style the shirt dress as a button up.

Morgan England wearing Boohoo shirt dress carrying red Gucci Bag

So what do you think about this shirt dress steal? I mean $36 or less for an item you can wear at least three times is pretty awesome. When I purchase clothing pieces online, that is always what I try to look for in an item. You want to spend your money wisely, so keep an eye out for versatile clothing pieces like this one.