4 Quick Cleaning Steps To Follow When You Are Busy

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Spending hours a week keeping on top of the housework can be a real chore. Especially when there are so many other things you would rather be doing! When it comes to keeping your home clean and tidy, it’s all about being smart. So follow these quick cleaning steps when you are busy.

Quick Cleaning Steps

Tidy As You Go

I know this step seems like the obvious choice, but sometimes when you are busy it’s easy to let go. Before I began trying out this method, I spent hours cleaning each week. Everything seems to pile up so quickly when you are in a hurry. So take my advice and try to pick up things as you go. Otherwise, cleaning will take ten times longer to finish.

Spending just 5-10 minutes a day makes cleaning seem like not as big of a deal. If I’m in a rush to get out the door, I don’t always pick up everything right before I leave. So when I get home later in the evening I make sure to put things back in its place. You will love your home so much more if you complete this quick cleaning step each night.

Cut Down Scrubbing Time

Wiping down surfaces can be much faster. Try leaving the cleaner product soaking on areas for a while to loosen up any grime. If you plan to clean the kitchen and the bathroom, spray them down first thing when you start cleaning. So that way by the time you get to those areas, it will be quick cleaning.

Pro tip: Try using a toothbrush to scrub hard to reach areas. So you can avoid spending ages trying to squeeze a cloth or sponge in those places.

Tackle One Job at a Time

Instead of putting things down and picking up other cleaning tools, try completing one task in every room. It can be tempting to move from room to room. For example: vacuuming in the living room, before dusting and polishing. Try to vacuuming the whole house, then dusting the whole house. Then move on to another task the same way. You’ll be surprised at how incredible this quick cleaning process is.

Plan Ahead

Set aside an hour each week to get your quick cleaning done. So that way you can ensure everything is tidy. Also, this way you will have all of your cleaning tools and products ready to go prior to starting.

So try spending an hour cleaning a week to make cleaning less of a hassle. With just a few simple hacks, you can spend less time cleaning. Which in time will give you more time to do other things you love. Not to mention, a clean home just makes everyone’s day so much better!

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