How To Boost Your Energy When You’re Really Busy

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We’ve all been there – it’s only mid week, you still have so much to do. Wow, you are so tired that all you want to do is curl up on the sofa and binge watch Netflix. Unfortunately, life gets busy and this isn’t an option. So how do you boost your energy when you’re too busy for a break?

Recently, I asked on Instagram for requests on blog topics to cover. One of the main questions asked is how to stay energized while you are working so much. Trust me, this is definitely something that I struggle with in my career. A lot of behind the scenes work goes into blogging which equals a lot of sleepless nights. So that is why I am sharing how to boost your energy levels during the busy times.

Boost Your Energy Levels While Working At Desk Area

4 Ways To Boost Your Energy

There are ways in which you can boost your energy, from fitting in a short walk to switching up your diet. These little tricks don’t take a lot of effort, but they can make a huge difference! After trying this you will feel energized and will get through that busy work week.

  1. Exercise Daily

When our schedule is crazy, generally the first thing we skip is our workout. So that way you can stay on top of everything else. Well actually the more you cut out daily exercise, you feel even more sluggish.  Which can make it hard to focus and stay productive during the upcoming work week.

Studies show that the best time to workout in order to boost your energy is midday. So if possible try to fit in a short blast of high intensity training before lunch time. It takes only 20 minutes out of your day for energy that will last you through the afternoon. Even though I work from home, it is still easy to sit at my desk for hours. So I actually purchased a small treadmill for my office space that has a laptop stand. What better way to answer emails than while exercising.

  1. Take A Breath Of Fresh Air

Another tip, if you’re sitting at a desk all day without moving at all it can make you feel sleepy. So if possible, aim to get outside for a 10-minute walk every 2-3 hours to keep your productivity levels up.  Fresh air does the mind good, so definitely take advantage of that during your work day.

At the time it may seem counter productive when you have a lot to do. Trust me though, it is not a waste of time and will make you actually more productive. So you get more done, and won’t feel exhausted when you leave the office. Not to mention, you will be super in shape after a week.

  1. Don’t Skip Meals

Many people skip meals during the day because they don’t allow time for a lunch break. It can be tempting to power through your day without stopping to eat. However, there will be consequences for this decision. We all know that our bodies need fuel to keep going, right? Well you actually need it even more when you are so busy.

So try prepping meals in advance to avoid reaching for convenience foods. Quick items will give boost your energy temporarily but then you will crash. Instead, choose whole grain carbohydrates, lean protein and lots of fruit and veggies to keep up the energy. If you need to boost your energy after lunch, grab a healthy snack like an apple with peanut butter and keep during your thing.

  1. Stay Hydrated

Being dehydrated can make you feel so exhausted. So to boost your energy levels, ensure you are well hydrated. Try to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. Try investing in a stylish water bottle that you’ll love carrying with you everywhere you go. If you’re not keen on still water try an infuser bottle in which you can add fruit. You can add limes, strawberries and even raspberries to make it delicious.

So the next time you get super busy, remember these four ways to boost your energy. You will feel so much better during your days by following these steps. Sometimes it is a good way to remind ourselves that our health is just as important as that project that is due.

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