7 Steps To Perfect Beach Waves This Summer

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Summer is here and it is time to shine. There are so many summer styles to try out this year when it comes to both beauty and fashion. We all want to look our summer best, but with the constant traveling, being outdoors and crazy lifestyles sometimes this is hard to achieve. Effortless looks are booming this season for that reason. I love getting creative with my look during the summer and trying out new styles that are effortless but look amazing. One of my favorite beauty trends of the summer is the beach wave hairstyle. Are you as obsessed with this effortless look as I am? I mean who doesn’t love the perfect hair texture that you get from the being a beach bum all day? It is the effortless look that you and your friends have been craving for all summer.

So today I am sharing one of my favorite summer beauty secrets on how to get the perfect beach waves this summer using salon-quality products for less from Sally Beauty. Everyone has been obsessing over the effortless, tousled look that beach waves give off; it has been trending for the past couple of years. It appears that this hot hairstyle is one that is staying around and I am more than perfectly okay with that. I love flaunting around my perfectly, tousled waves in the summer time and now it is time for you to be able to as well. Simply follow my step-by-step guide below and get the perfect summer beach waves that you have been wanting.

I start off with damp hair either straight from the shower or dampened with a spray bottle. I comb through the hair with my High Volume Comb to detangle the hair.

I grab my BTZ Beach Head Tropical Texture Fast-Dry Salt Spray and spray it all over the hair to give my hair that beachy sea salt look. I apply the BTZ Turn Up the Heat Flat Iron Protection Spray all over the hair to protect against any hair damage when using the flat iron to create waves.

Once the products are applied to my damp hair, I then section my hair into multiple parts and wrap the strands around the soft curlers from Sally Beauty. I place each curler around my head and make sure that it is secured with bobby pins. So now you have the option of either letting your hair air dry this way or you can lightly dry the curlers with your hair dryer. For this example, I let my hair air dry.

Undo each curler and brush out each curl for a more beachy wave look. I then apply a little bit of the BTZ Beach Head Sea Salt Spray to the ends of the hair and scrunch the hair with my hands to give it a natural wave.

I use my Chi Flat Iron from Sally Beauty to touch up the waves. For each strand that I want to add a wave to, I simply start at the top of the strand (closest to the root) and I pull the iron down while wrapping the strand around the barrel. Once I have the strand of hair completely wrapped around the barrel I release it, which gives it a beautiful wave. I repeat this step as many times as I needed until I am happy with the way that the beach waves look.

I use my Pintail Teaser Comb 43-T to gently tease around the crown of head to give the waves a lift. After I am happy with the volume of my hair, I apply BTZ Beach Head Seaside Smooth Anti-Frizz Cream to the ends of the waves to prevent that unwanted curly frizz.

My final step to completing my beach wave look is to spray BTZ Beach Head Coastal Cooler Cooling Shine Mist to provide some extra summer shine for a healthy look and then spray the BTZ Rock On Flexible Hold Hair Spray to keep everything in place for the day.

Congrats! You have now recreated the perfect beach wave look to rock this summer. I hope that this step-by-step hair tutorial gave you a little inspiration to try this out with your hair. You can follow me @styleonedge_ and @sallybeauty on Instagram for more beauty tips and inspiration this summer.

Many thanks to Sally Beauty for sponsoring today’s post and allowing me to share my summer beauty secrets! #SallyBeautySecrets