10 Smart Ways To Afford Your Dream Honeymoon

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Did you know that the average 7 night stay honeymoon costs is about $6000? It can be really expensive for couples to travel to luxurious destinations. Don’t write off a location you love just because you think it’s too expensive. In this blog post, I am sharing ten smart ways to afford your dream honeymoon.

How To Afford Your Dream Honeymoon

1. Budget Planning Date

If you want to afford your dream honeymoon without going broke, you need a set budget. You need to know exactly what you can afford before you start spending. Bonus points if you separate your wedding and honeymoon budgets.

Grab that cute fiancé of yours, a glass of wine and plan out your honeymoon budget, TOGETHER. Notice the emphasis I’m making on the word “TOGETHER”. It takes two to tango, and a budget is no different, you both should be involved. Make it a date with your partner to plan out your budget and vote on destinations. I highly suggest using this budget tool on WeddingWire’s website.

During your planning session, try to think about every possible expense. If you don’t receive paid time off, how long can you afford to travel without pay? Do you have a child or a pet? If so, you might need to add a sitter fee to the budget. Transportation can be a sneaky financial hit while traveling so include that as well.

Also, think about the timeline leading up to your wedding. Any upcoming bonuses, tax refunds, or other extra income that you can use to pay for your honeymoon? Add every little thing to your honeymoon budget that might need consideration.

2. Cut Out Unnecessary Expenses

Okay, now its time for the not-so-fun but realistic part of honeymoon planning. In order to afford your dream honeymoon, you might have to give up a few things. Let’s start with your personal spending habits. Is there anything that you can live without for a few months? Quiet down that little voice in your head telling you to splurge on those shoes. I promise that there will be a newer, better pair that you can buy after the trip.

Sit down with your partner to discuss the priorities of your wedding. Do you really need an open bar? You can remove all of the wedding fluff to afford your dream honeymoon. So decide what you both can’t live without and cut out the unnecessary expenses.

How To Afford Your Dream Honeymoon by Morgan England wedding blogger

3. Start Saving Now

If you want to avoid scrapping for change last minute, start saving now. Set up automatic transfers weekly or monthly to build up your savings account. I started doing this for our wedding and it’s a total game changer if you have little self control like myself.

Also keep the change, literally with a bank program that credits your savings every time you have “change” from a debit card purchase. These are great ways to save money for your honeymoon fund without even thinking about it.

4. Cash In Your Rewards

Use the reward points that you have been racking up on your credit card for travel expenses. We are using points from my airlines’ card to book our flights. If you are disciplined with your credit cards, the rewards will pay off in the end.

You can use frequent flier miles if you travel often. My fiancé always has a lot of airline miles from traveling for work. So this is something to consider when you are looking up hotels and flights for the honeymoon.

5. Research Travel Deals

Be smart when you start planning your honeymoon, don’t settle for the first deal that comes your way. If you are patient you can find some great sales online. Keep in mind that airfare and hotel stays are cheaper when people aren’t traveling as much.

Try to fly out on an off day like a Tuesday or Wednesday and come back the following week avoiding weekend travels. Set up flight tracking alerts so you can compare and check them often. Another option to consider is flying out of a smaller/farther airport for cheaper options. You can save a lot of money this way on flights and hotels.

Remember to check out coupon sites like Groupon, etc. (just make sure to check out the hotel’s website for quality). All-inclusive packages are incredible because everything is bundled into one price (stay, food, beverages, activities). The lowest rates for airlines and hotels aren’t always available on their website. So you have to do your own research.

How To Afford Your Dream Honeymoon by Morgan England wedding blogger
How To Afford Your Dream Honeymoon by Morgan England wedding blogger


6. Use A Travel Agency

If you are really busy, you can always outsource the task to a travel agency. Travel agents have experience with booking flights and hotels. You might even save money on special sales and packages that they can offer. Make sure that you mention that it’s for your honeymoon.

7. Book Early

Remember that sating, “the early bird gets the worm”, well it’s the same for booking travel too! Usually, the earlier you book the more affordable it is to travel. So a great way to afford your dream honeymoon is searching for early bird savings.

When you book early you can find inexpensive rooms at luxury hotels. If you wait you may risk only the expensive hotel rooms being open.

You are smart to book early enough to have time to save for your honeymoon. Also, you will have plenty of time to find your dream honeymoon spot if you book early. If you are lacking inspiration, WeddingWire has some amazing honeymoon suggestions and planning tips.

8. Book Now, Pay Later

If you are booking early enough, you can put it on layaway. Yes, that’s right, some travel sites give you the option to pay off your honeymoon in smaller increments before you fly out. If you are paying for everything in monthly installments it won’t be a big hit all at once. Speaking of monthly payments, some travel sites like Expedia offer loans through affirm. So go ahead and book your honeymoon, then pay for it after in weekly or monthly installments. If neither of those options work for you, try finding hotels that don’t require a credit card to reserve your room.

9. Set Up A Honeymoon Registry

A lot of couples are opting out of registering at traditional stores, setting up honeymoon registries online instead. If you feel like you already have everything you need, then this might be a great option for you. Simply asks guests to donate to your honeymoon fund instead of bringing gifts. Just keep in mind that some people who are more traditional, might prefer buying a gift for you. So I would set up at least one other registry at a local store for those who aren’t so tech savvy. If you think that you can’t afford your dream honeymoon, definitely set up a honeymoon registry.

10. Consider A Later-Moon

So I know you want to jet set off with your partner immediately following the wedding, but that’s not always realistic. A lot of people are now having a later-moon so they can pay off their wedding first before traveling. You can always book a mini-moon at a closer destination so you can afford your dream honeymoon at a later date.

How To Afford Your Dream Honeymoon by Morgan England wedding blogger

If you follow this guide when planning your trip, then you will be able to afford your dream honeymoon. Just remember to focus on what aspects of the honeymoon you and your fiancé value the most. Best of luck with planning your honeymoon!

Also, remember that I will be sharing my wedding planning journey and in my Wedding Wednesday series.

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