The Hottest Hair Salon In Indianapolis: Bobby Cooper Salon

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I am sharing with you all today my recent collaboration with Bobby Cooper Salon located in Indianapolis, IN as well as my full hair product routine. I recently moved to Indianapolis as most of you know and I was still unfamiliar as to where I should get my hair done at. I love Oribe hair products, it is pretty close to the only products I use minus every now and then trying something out for fun. So with that being said, I just randomly typed into google salons that carry Oribe and Bobby Cooper Salon popped up so I immediately scheduled an appointment. So the reason why I googled that is because usually if a salon does carry Oribe it is because they are a very nice, luxury hair salon so it is pretty guaranteed that you will be dealing with professionals since Oribe is so selective on where they sell their products at. Oh and just to clarify, I am not at all saying that if your salon does not carry Oribe that they aren’t professional or high quality. Anyways, after coming across the website I immediately booked the appointment and got lucky to placed with the lovely Abby Plough. She was amazing guys! I am so glad that I now have such a great hairstylist up here. She made the overall experience of getting my hair recolored and highlighted amazing. She actually listens to what you are wanting to do to your hair and makes it look better than you ever could even imagine. I loved how at this salon everyone was so stylish, it made me confident that if they had great individual styles then I knew my hair would end up looking amazing. The whole salon was beautifully decorated in such a chic way. I was in hair heaven at this salon. After discussing that I was a fashion & beauty blogger, I was so thrilled when they asked me to do this collaboration with them for Oribe products. I would like to mention just because this is a collaboration, I am giving my complete honest opinion I have always used and loved Oribe products and well, my hair picture down below speaks for itself on how amazing Bobby Cooper Salon is. If you are in the Indy area I highly suggest that you check them out. You will not be disappointed with the amazing treatment that you get there as well as looking fabulous once you leave. 

Oribe products have done wonders for my hair. I have been using them all for over a year now and I am so in love with every single product that they create now. Oribe literally has something for everyone even men. My boyfriend actually loves the signature shampoo and conditioner that I tagged down below as well. I currently use Beautiful color products by Oribe but I have tried all of them except for the blonde ones. So the reason why I love Oribe so much is because my hair has never been healthier, it leaves my hair looking so shiny and luscious, not mention these products smell amazing. Bottom line if you have not tried out these products, I highly suggest that you do so because you will fall in love. 

Now I am going to discuss the products that I currently use in my daily hair routine. Below you will see my shampoo & conditioner that I use. I use the Beautiful Color shampoo & conditioner but one great thing about Oribe is that even if you go with the signature or another product they all have color protection in them which is awesome. I photographed these two products because I use them the most but I also currently own the signature shampoo & conditioner, the beautiful color mask as well as the brilliance shine shampoo. I love to alternate between shampoo & conditioners for whatever look I am trying to achieve that day. Hair products are so much fun to play around with. 

Okay, so after I get out of the shower and towel dry my hair the first thing that I put in my hair is my maximista thickening spray. I section my hair into different pieces and spray this product from the roots down to the ends. This product creates amazing volume whenever you blow dry your hair. The maximista Thickening spray also has thermal heat protection included in it as well so that is create, it is like getting two products in one. So make sure that you apply this to damp hair before blow drying it out. 

Right before I blow dry my hair I add this lovely product to the ends of hair to prevent breakage during the styling process. This product is the split end seal and boy does it work. I love this stuff because it has saved my hair. I have always dealt with breakage from heat styling my hair and this product totally prevents that from happening. If you are looking for damage control, this is your product. 

After I have blow dry my hair, I then section the hair and start spraying my dry texturizing spray onto the dry hair. The dry texturizing spray gives your hair added volume and it also helps place your hair when you begin styling it. I loved this product because it adds so much volume to your hair. Also, it can be used as a dry shampoo as well. So yet again, another amazing product that serves two purposes. After I apply the dry texturizing spray, I then style my hair the way that I want it. Once I have it styled to perfection, I spray this anti-humidity spray all over the hair. The anti-humidity spray does wonders for those who are in humid climates. If only I would have discovered this product when I lived in Arkansas (humidity central). If you live in a humid area I would definitely invest your money into this product. 

Okay so last but certainly not least, I spray this wonderful hair refresher all over my hair. So you know how I told you that Oribe products smell so amazing? Well this stuff is basically perfume for your hair and you will awkwardly catch yourself trying to smell your hair with this stuff on. I love this stuff and you will too if you ever decide to try it out. It is also a great product for those of you who go workout and then have something to do right after with not enough time to fully wash your hair. Just spray the dry texturizing spray and the hair refresher on your hair and you are good to go for the day. It is worth every penny, I promise!

…and Wah Lah you now have perfect hair! 

The photo below was taken after Abby styled my hair at Bobby Cooper Salon, didn’t she do a fabulous job? I love my new subtle highlights in the front of my hair to frame my face. It is the perfect look for the spring and summer seasons. 

I enjoyed collaborating with Bobby Cooper Salon so much they were amazing to work with. If you are in the Indianapolis area and want to book an appointment CLICK HERE and the link will direct you to their website. Bobby Cooper Salon also has plenty of Oribe products in store so you should definitely go in even if you are just wanting to check out what is in stock. 

Not from the Indy area? I also tagged below all of my favorite Oribe products (yes, I do currently own all of these, sad I know) so all that you have to do is click on the image of the product you are wanting to buy or check out and it will take you to the exact website for your purchase. I even included a sample kit of the shampoo & conditioner below for those of you wanting to try out the products but not quite ready to make the financial commitment for the regular sizes just yet. 

I promise that you will be happy with visiting Bobby Cooper salon as well as trying out anything Oribe, male or female. If you try them out, I want to see your final product from either the salon visit or the Oribe products at home so tag me in your Instagram post @styleonedge_ so I can show some love to your page. I hope that everyone is having a splendid Good Friday, I cannot believe that Easter is on Sunday.