Would you Like To Know It? Macbook Air + Tory Burch Blog Giveaway

Are you curious about why I am always posting “liketoknow.it” on all of my Instagram posts? Well read more about the feature and there is even a special giveaway for those who sign up! Don’t miss out! XO

Summer Travel Essentials

I always love to travel in style wherever I go and that is why today I am sharing with you a fun shopping guide full of my favorite travel essentials. Click to read more and shop some amazing items. 

Closet Goals

I am getting ready to fix up my new walk in closet! So today I am sharing with you guys, my favorite items that I have found so far that I am dying to add to my new walk in closet! XO

Style On Edge x Snapchat Emoticode

Hey friends, So this is just a fun blog post today introducing my readers to the next big thing with…

Luxe Fashion Show

The Luxe Fashion Show was an amazing way to celebrate the Indy 500. Click to read more about this style event.

My First Instagram Round Up

I have shared in this blog post some of my favorite looks from my Instagram as well as links for you to be able to shop each clothing item that is featured. XO

How To Use Liketoknow.it On Instagram

Have you signed up for Liketoknow.it yet? See what all the hype is about it on Instagram and why you should consider signing up. 

The Office Style That You Will Want To Copy

I love decorating my home with a fresh look each year; there is just something about it that makes my heart happy. A gorgeous office style is important, because who doesn’t love working in a cool space right? What to be more inspired? Check out my post about revamping your office space. 



5 Tips You Need To Follow To Step Up Your Instagram Game

Are you using Instagram effectively to help boost your blog views? Check out this short list of 5 tips that will help you step up your Instagram game in 2016. 

My 2016 New Year Resolution

New Year, New Me! 2016 is going to be a great year for multiple reasons but this year it is all about getting fit! Who’s with me? 

How To De-Stress Your Body After A Long Work Week

The perfect time to de-stress your body after a long work week is over the weekend. I was thinking about…