The Faux Fur Coat That You Need This Fall

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I am so beyond excited because I was recently made the Texas brand ambassador for Maude Boutique this upcoming year. You know how when you are a teenager; you idolize certain clothing boutiques and wish so badly that you could be one of those cool girls who works there. I was that way for years and still am obsessed with this particular boutique. As an Arkansas native, I love supporting local shops and businesses in the area. So I beyond excited about being able to share with you guys some of my favorite styles over the next year from one of my favorite clothing boutiques. Maude Boutique did originate in Arkansas; however, you can all now shop all of the fun styles that it has to offer straight from your home online at So please check it out, I promise you will be blown away with all of the amazing deals and unique threads that this online boutique has to offer. 

One of my favorite styles of coats to wear during the end of fall and through winter is faux fur. I am a big animal lover, so I do not wear real fur for that reason; however there is nothing wrong with having some fun and splurging on a beautiful faux fur coat this season. If you love wearing faux fur as much as I do, then this is the jacket that you need in your closet this fall. I love the funky faux fur designs that Maude Boutique has in their collection this season. I could not resist snagging this zig zag print design online from Maude. The coat is not too thick, but yet it will keep you warm during the cold weather. I hate when I buy a coat, and it is overwhelmingly massive. The bulky look is not one for me, and the jacket cuts off right at the hip line so you can still show off your womanly curves. 

Yes my forearm was still fractured during the making of this photo and yes it did really hurt afterwards. 

Yes my forearm was still fractured during the making of this photo and yes it did really hurt afterwards. 

Bold prints and colors of faux fur are going to be in this year, so you do not want to miss out on getting your own before it is gone. With the upcoming holidays, going back to see all of your friends and family you can make a statement with this type of coat. I feel like when people wear faux fur, it is a head turner. People cannot help but stare, but don’t let that turn you off, it is a good stare I promise! You now shop this coat and other styles of outerwear that is available at Maude Boutique. Just simply click on any of the links to purchase the item (they are in bold btw).