How To Get Glowing Skin This Year With Sand and Sky

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Do you wish that you had flawless skin? Sometimes it seems like “perfect skin” is hard to come by┬áthese days. So that is why I am sharing one of my secret weapons in skincare. Learn how to get glowing skin this year with Sand and Sky.

How To Get Glowing Skin This Year With Sand and Sky

Drumroll, please! My secret weapon to achieve glowing skin all year is the Australian Pink Clay Mask by Sand and Sky. The infused face mask can detoxify the skin, shrink down pores, revive dullness, and boost radiance. So you get four amazing benefits with this one product.

Get Glowing Skin With Sand and Sky Clay Face Mask

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Product Benefits

The 4 in 1 treatment detoxifies, invigorates, refines, and brightens your skin after only 10 minutes. How awesome is that? What I love most about this product is the instant glow that you get after one use. Not to mention, the mask also removes any toxins by combating pollution damage. Who knew that one product could provide so many benefits?

  • Absorbs any dirt and impurities on the skin.
  • Removes toxins and fights off pollution.
  • Better skin defense and less cellular damage.
  • Shrinks pores.
  • Gentle on sensitive skin.
  • Clear complexion and youthful glow.
  • No nasties, no parabens and cruelty free.
  • Plus, enhanced collagen production and cell regeneration!

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How To Use The Sand and Sky Pink Clay Mask

Beauty blogger Morgan England applying Sand and Sky face mask

  1. Using the applicator brush, apply all over the clean skin. By the way, I must brag on this brand for being thoughtful and including a brush. I always hate applying face masks because they are so messy. So the applicator brush makes this an even faster process.
  2. Allow the mask to dry in only ten short minutes. You will realize it is dry because the mask will change colors from pink to white.
  3. Rinse the skin with warm water to remove the mask.
  4. Use a soft, clean towel to dry off your skin.

So by taking only 10 minutes from your day, you will be one step closer to glowing skin.

Quick Tips For Glowing Skin

  • Try using the product at night for a deep cleanse before bed time. The skin will work it’s magic over night providing you with noticeable results by morning.
  • Eat healthy each day. So try to avoid junk food and caffeine that will only clog up those precious pores. Remember to stick to fresh fruits and veggies that are nutritious for your skin.
  • If you have a blemish, try applying the mask on the spot for healing. So you can use your Sand and Sky face mask as a spot treatment as well. Try to do this every night, and the spot will soon fade away.
  • Get adequate sleep every night. Lack of sleep can lead to impurities in the skin. So make sure that you stick to a routine and try to get 7-8 hours each night.
  • Exercise will also improve your overall appearance. You will see noticeable results not only in your shape but also in your skin. If you want glowing skin fast, then definitely add a 30-minute exercise to your list daily.
  • Use your applicator brush each time you apply the Sand and Sky mask. The main point of the brush is for better hygiene. Also, it helps speed up the application process a bit.

Beauty blogger Morgan England wearing face mask



My Final Thoughts

So what do I think about the product you ask? I do love using my Sand and Sky Australian Pink Clay Mask nightly. After one use, I see real results. My skin feels healthier and smoother each morning. Now, I have fewer blemishes because of the deep cleanse that I get using this product. If you do want glowing skin, then this is the product for you!

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