How To Style One Necklace 4 Different Ways This Fall

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I have teamed up with the beautiful Wendy Mignot to share with you; her impressive line of Fine Pearls and Leather Jewelry. So most of you are probably thinking to yourself, Morgan does not seem like the pearl-wearing type, and you are right, except when it comes to this brand. Wendy Mignot has found a way to intertwine the timelessness of a beautiful pearl and the edginess of leather into one necklace that is perfect for every occasion. I love versatile pieces that you can wear a variety of ways in a variety of settings. The Wendy Signature Freshwater Necklace that I am wearing is the perfect accessory to wear running errands during the day and then to a formal event at night. I love owning fashion pieces that I can wear multiple ways. The best part about the signature necklace that I am wearing is that I can style it multiple ways and I am about to show you how you can do the same. 

1) The Choker Necklace

My personal favorite is to wear the signature necklace as a choker. I am a huge fan of choker necklaces, and I love the dainty, simplistic look that this style gives off because it is so elegant. To style your necklace this way, just only move the main pearl to the center of the neck and the other pearls should be centered in the back. Bonus points, if you were your hair in an updo to show off both sets of pearls that this signature necklace has to offer. 

2) The Statement Necklace

To style this signature necklace as more of a statement piece, just change up the choker style by moving the back set of pearls to the front of your neck and give the necklace some slack, so it is not as fitting. You want the necklace to elegantly lay on your collar to make a huge statement with the three pearls in the front. 

3) The Bohemian Necklace

I love this style as well because it has the same look as a choker necklace but with a little-added flare at the bottom. You can style your necklace this way by just unhooking the leather that is the pearl in the front. Slide the pearl down some to allow room to put the necklace over your head and then slide the pearl back up to fit tightly around your neck. How cool is that?

4) The Y-Necklace

So last but certainly not least, another way that I like to style my signature necklace is by keeping the jewelry the same way as the bohemian style, but just move the pearl down to bottom as far as it will go. The technique will give you the perfect Y-Necklace to wear with chunky sweaters this fall. 

About the designer…

Wendy Mignot, with a chic style of her own, has put her talents into creating a unique line of Fine Pearls and Jewelry. This woman is on top my friends; she has been featured on the cover of Vanity Fair (say what?), designed for some of Hollywood’s A-list, known for giving back through multiple philanthropies and now has taken things to an entirely new level by creating her jewelry designs. Someone I admire for everything they have accomplished. Wendy Mignot’s artistic collection includes the finest Tahitian, South Sea, and Freshwater cultured pearls, with sea glass, shells, stones as well as ancient and shipwreck coins. The inspiration all began from a love story of her and husband, Jean-Noel Mignot when they sailed across the Caribbean, Virgin Islands, Aruba, St. Bart’s, Bahamas, Panama and Central America. After settling together along the Gulf of Mexico, ten years ago on the Emerald Coast that the designer’s unique jewelry line became a trademark and a beautiful reflection of the adventures that she shared with her husband at sea. Each design has been hand-crafted and is a one-of-a-kind piece that resembles a time of Wendy Mignot’s life. I loved that story and had to share it with you all today because it is so inspiring. The meaning behind the signature necklace that I am featuring makes it even more beautiful. 

You can tell that Wendy Mignot cares and values her customers. The packaging that I received my necklace in was so beautifully put together. She even adds her personal touch by writing a letter to her customers thanking them for their purchase. In the package included a personal note from Wendy Mignot, a guide on how to care for your pearls and leather, logo heart sticker, certificate of authenticity and even shea butter to preserve the leather on your necklace. How considerate is that? Not a lot of designers put that much thought into the designs that they ship out to their customers. I was very impressed with the way that my statement necklace was presented to me, and the look of the necklace was to die for. I have tagged below my favorite Wendy Mignot pieces for you to check out for yourself. The signature necklace will make the perfect gift for the upcoming holiday season, just saying! 

Are you as obsessed as I am now? I have been blown away with how cool this necklace is and how I can style it multiple ways. I would much rather invest my money in a timeless piece like this statement necklace by Wendy Mignot that you can wear more ways than one. The purchase is seriously like you are paying for four necklaces instead of only one. I am sure that you can even come up with more ways to style your Wendy Mignot statement necklace. Please share in the comments if you have ideas on how to style this gorgeous pearl necklace or share your favorite style that I featured above. 

If that wasn’t enough, it is also the designer, Wendy Mignot’s birthday weekend and we are celebrating by providing you guys with a special code that will give you $50 OFF (yes, you read that right, $50 off) any signature necklace design! So this weekend, November 11-13th, 2016 use the promo code: BDAYSIG and receive $50 off of your purchase! Your Friday just got better, my friends…enjoy your weekend!

Wishing Wendy Mignot, the happiest of birthdays this Sunday! 

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