Keratin-Bond Hair Extensions Review + Q&A with Stylist Olivia Yeager

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One of my favorite parts about blogging is trying out new beauty products and techniques for you all to try. In the past, I have always worn clip-in hair extensions, which are excellent but I have always secretly wanted to try out Keratin-bond hair extensions. The key reason why I finally convinced myself to give it a go was because I was simply tired of having to put in and take out hair extensions every day for volume. When you get used to your hair looking a certain way it is hard not to continue wearing hair extensions. So I was thrilled whenever Olivia Yeager, fabulous hair stylist and makeup artist reached out to collaborate on this type of beauty post. In this particular blog post, I wanted to introduce you to the product, the application process, my review and a little interview with the stylist herself.

Style On Edge blogger Morgan England wearing SOCAP hair extensions by Olivia Yeager hairstylist

What are Keratin-bond hair extensions?

Keratin-bond extensions are small strands of 100% Human Remy Hair. The outer cuticle layers of the hair flow in the same downward direction which prevents tangling and allows for better blending with natural hair. The extensions are keratin tipped and bonded to a strand of your natural hair making them undetectable providing a more natural look. I do like to try out different beauty products, but when it comes to my everyday routine, I always gravitate to a more natural appearance. So these type of hair extensions sounded like music to my ears. The brand of extensions that I am featuring in this post is SHE by SO.CAP, USA Human Remy Hair Extensions, click HERE to check them out! Unlike clip-in hair extensions, you need a licensed stylist to purchase these type of hair extensions for you.

SOCAP keratin-bond hair extension strands in brunette shades

The Application Process:

Before the application process, I had a consultation appointment with Olivia to decide on what colors would match my hair. I was also asked to wash my hair with Dawn dish soap the night before to remove the natural oils from my scalp before the application process.

1. Olivia began by sectioning my hair off in straight rows before applying the extensions. She had all of the hair extensions placed and ready to go beside her to make the process run smoother.

Beauty blogger Morgan England natural brunette hair without keratin-bond hair extensions

2. For each hair extension, she would pull a tiny strand of my hair about a half inch from the root and place the keratin-bond underneath the hair.

Morgan England beauty blogger with keratin-bond hair extensions

3. After the keratin-bond was in position, she would press the heating tool over the bond to melt it to my natural hair and wrap it securely around each strand of hair.

Morgan England beauty blogger with keratin-bond hair extensions

4. Then the process is repeated until you have a full head of gorgeous hair. We used only about 80 extensions for me because my real hair was long as well. Depending on how many strands will determine the amount of time the application process will take. For myself, it was only about 4 hours which is usually how long my other hair appointments for coloring and styling are typically.

5. After the application process, the stylist should review with you the proper way to care for your new hair and blow out/style your hair for the complete look!

Style On Edge blogger Morgan England wearing SOCAP hair extensions by Olivia Yeager hairstylist

My Personal Thoughts:

I promise I am not just saying this, but I am in love with my new hair extensions. Although, they are a lot more high maintenance than my clip-in extensions it is all so worth it. You can style your keratin-bond extensions any way that you want without the limitations that you have with clip-in extensions. I can wear my hair up in a high ponytail, in a fun brand or completely down.

One of the best parts about having these type of extensions is that I literally can wake up in the morning and go if I need to without dealing with clip in extensions. Do I still love clip-in extensions and highly suggest them? Of course, they are the perfect alternative if you want a temporary look. Will I probably end up getting keratin-bond extensions again? Yes, more than likely I will get them again at my next scheduled hair appointment. I would recommend anyone to try these out if you have not already, you will love the results!

Style On Edge blogger Morgan England wearing SOCAP hair extensions by Olivia Yeager hairstylist

Q&A With Stylist Olivia Yeager:

  1. How do I wash my hair with Keratin-bond extensions? How often?

To wash your extension’s, you need a salon quality moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. When shampooing, be sure to be gentle with the bonds, so they do not tangle. As far as how often, that is entirely your preference! You can wash them daily or once a week. They absorb a lot of the oil produced by your scalp so you can typically go a couple of days, longer than normal!

  1. How do I blow dry my hair with Keratin-bond extensions?

Be sure you only use a WetBrush with your extensions. The flexible bristles ensure that you will not pull any of the bonds out or put too much tension on the hair. You can blow dry them like you normally do, except for flipping your head over as that can tangle the bonds.

  1. How are these extensions different than other types of hair extensions?

These extensions are 100% Remi hair which means that the cuticles all lay the same direction creating the most natural look. Also, the hair used is a very fine texture which I think blends so well with most peoples’ hair! I love that the bonds are so small because you can create so much dimension and different looks. You can even add highlights or create a subtle balayage look!

  1. Will my hair be damaged after using these types of extensions’?

The extensions themselves will not cause any harm; however, if you do not take care of them properly you can cause damage to your hair. Damage is typically resulting from improper placement and removal by the stylist, tangled bonds, and added tension to the hair.

  1. How long do Keratin-bond extensions last?

It varies by person depending on how fast the hair grows and how you take care of them. I have had clients leave them for up to 6 months (however I don’t recommend that long)

  1. Can you color Keratin-bond extensions?

I never recommend dying keratin-bond extensions because you don’t know how they will react to the color. Coloring should not be an issue. The stylist can create the perfect custom hair color using the variety of color options that SOCAP has available.

  1. Can I swim while wearing these extensions?

Absolutely! Just avoid tangling.

  1. What is the best way to take care of my extensions to make them last longer?

First of all use high-quality salon products! Invest in a quality shampoo and conditioner as well as a leave in moisturizer or oil for the ends on days you do not wash the hair. The extension hair is not like your natural hair and does not receive the same nourishment that your hair does so you need to give it the extra love that it needs. Also, sleep with your hair in a loose braid at night. The braid does not need to be tight or anything fancy, just holding the hair in place as you sleep without adding tension. Never sleep in a ponytail as that can put a lot of strain on the bonds!

  1. Can I use any products on my hair extensions?

Yes!! Please do! Find what works for you. I love using the Kerastase Elixir Oil on the ends, a texture spray for beachy textured curls, and a good detangler.

  1. Can you describe the application process? How long does it take?

To apply the extensions, we take a very tiny piece of hair and place the bond underneath the strand of hair. Then, I use a small heating tool to melt the Keratin-bond to the natural hair and fold it over the strand of hair. It is that simple! The appointment time just depends on how many strands of extensions you need to complete your look. A full set for length is typically 80-120 pieces which can take up to 4-5 hours with the cut and style process.

  1. Can you describe the removal process? How long does it take?

Removal is super simple! I apply a remover spray to the bond and dissolve it by working the solution in with a tool. After the bond disappears from the solution, it should slide right off! The removal typically takes longer if there is a lot of tangling, usually about the same amount of time as the application process.

  1. How do I book an appointment to receive a set of Keratin-bond hair extensions?

To schedule your appointment, you can contact me through Instagram @oliviablairyeager if you are in the Northwest Arkansas area or you can contact one of the local salons in your area to find a stylist that specialize in hair extensions. The salon requires a consultation before the application process. You will be able to discuss color, length and fullness expectations with the stylist.

  1. What is the typical range of pricing for this type of appointment?

Prices vary between salons; it depends on the number of strands that you need. Typically, for a full head, you can expect to pay $500+. However, you do not have to get a full set of hair extensions! You can have 20-40 pieces applied to add fullness to your hair or color. Discuss with your stylist to achieve the optimal look you are wanting!