The Long-Lasting Fragrance That You Need To Try

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Are you on the hunt for a long-lasting fragrance? It's difficult to find a perfume that lasts all day. So that is why I am sharing one of my new favorite lasting fragrances by Mugler, called Aura. AURA MUGLER perfume will invigorate your senses and awaken your vital energy with its unique scent. Spray this on yourself every morning to smell great all day long. 

AURA MUGLER long-lasting fragrance


AURA MUGLER is the latest fragrance addition to the Mugler family. The perfume embodies a woman's connection to the world, her surroundings, and nature. The long-lasting fragrance releases vibrant notes with an assertive personality. A blend of floral freshness and feline sensuality that will invigorate your senses and awaken your vital energy. 

The heart-shaped bottle is a universal symbol of the very source of life and realm of the emotions. The size of the facets resembles transformation of a living object. Each AURA MUGLER fragrance bottle is marked with a signature metallic M, as a Mugler creation. 


AURA MUGLER invites you to reconnect with your inner nature and to unleash all your femininity and your aura. One of the best parts about this perfume is that it is very long-lasting. You can spray this on your neck and wrist with confidence that it will last throughout the day. The scent is bold enough to last, but not too overwhelming. You will definitely receive endless compliments while wearing this fragrance. If you have been searching for a long-lasting fragrance to wear both day and night, this is your solution. 


AURA MUGLER is a well thought out fragrance with a unique formula. A divine, new concept of femininity – a call to follow your instinct and obey your senses. The goal of this perfume is to tap into your deepest desires and unleash the inner force waiting to break free. 

Composed of three hearts:

  1. Floral (Rhubarb Leaves and Orange Blossom Absolute): an exploration of a vibrant and intense freshness.
  2. Instinctive (Tiger Liana): the backbone of the fragrance.
  3. Animal (Bourbon Vanilla Pod and Wolfwood): conjures up the warmth of the skin, a sensual carnal scent. 


AURA MUGLER long-lasting fragrance
AURA MUGLER long-lasting fragrance


So what are my final thoughts about AURA MUGLER? I am so glad that I was able to try out this long-lasting fragrance. The smell is so addictive, I can never get enough. One of my pet peeves with some perfumes is that you the scent fades away quickly. However, this new scent by Mugler is the exception. I was surprised to see how long it lasted. I sprayed the fragrance on my neck and wrists in the morning and you can still smell it by the end of the night. How awesome is that? If you are looking for a bold fragrance to add to your morning routine then definitely give this one a try! 

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