5 Quick Ways To Style A Midi Dress For Petite Women

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Who else is obsessing over the midi dress trend? The length is perfect for transitioning from the cold to warmer weather. The length of a midi dress hits right between the knee and ankle. I admire any style that is bold and stands out against a crowd. The awkward length of this type of dress is perfect for setting trends.

So tiny confession to make, even though I love the trend, I was afraid to wear it around. I can’t believe that I actually let my height get in the way of wearing a style that I loved. I have a motto: if I love it and feel confident in it, then I am going to wear it. Where there is a will, there is a way. With that said, I recently came up with quick ways to style a midi dress that compliments my frame. So today I am sharing that petite women can wear a midi dress and feel confident in it.

Style On Edge fashion blogger Morgan England wearing Maude Boutique midi dress with oversized denim jacket

Dress: Maude Boutique Riel Dress

Styling A Midi Dress:

1. Higher heels

First of all, when styling a midi dress, remember to focus on the height of the heel. If you find the right pair, your legs will look longer and the length will be just right. Otherwise, if you settle for a pair of flats, you will probably end up looking a little frumpy. Ain’t nobody got time for that! So swap out those flats for a fun pair of high heels to style that dress of yours.

2. Avoid heavy fabric

Take my advice and please avoid any heavy materials. You do not weigh down the dress. Unfortunately, if the fabric is too heavy, it will only make the dress look longer on your body. Which is ideally what we are trying to avoid with this process. Remember that we want to achieve the midi dress look, not a maxi dress. So avoid this all together by purchasing a midi dress with a lighter fabric material.

3. Look for petite sizing

Finally, petite women have sizes that are perfect for our short bodies. Thank you to all of the brands out there that are looking out for us. So if you are currently shopping for a midi dress; remember to check out designers that have petite sizing. Trust me, they are so easy to find. I have a few links below of petite midi dresses that I think you are going to love!

Style On Edge fashion blogger Morgan England wearing Maude Boutique midi dress with oversized denim jacket

4. Draw attention to the waist

When you are styling a midi dress, think hourglass. Let’s accentuate that cute figure of yours, by drawing attention to the waist. The reason why I bring this point up is because sometimes straight fitting dresses can swallow us; making us look frumpy. So a simple way to do this is by adding a trendy belt over the dress. Another trick that you can try is to select a midi dress that has a cinched waist. The Maude Boutique dress that I am wearing, has an overlay of excess material that hits right above the waistline. I personally love the look of this particular dress because of the dramatic effect from the ruffles. Also, it will look flattering on any woman.

5. Solids over busy patterns

I know you are going to want to buy one with different patterns but shop for solids instead. Solid prints are better for a midi dress because it gives off a slimming look. Solid colors will show off your waist, while a busy pattern might just cover it up. Less is more when it comes to this styling a midi dress. I suggest going for a simple print that will only flatter your short girly figure!

Style On Edge fashion blogger Morgan England wearing Maude Boutique midi dress with oversized denim jacket

What do you think?

How do you feel after reading these tips? Do you feel confident enough to rock the midi dress trend? Please share any additional tips for us to try out that you use when styling clothes. Never be too shy to leave a comment, I love reading your thoughts. Plus, I am always looking for new creative ideas to improve my own personal style.