Our Engagement Proposal #HappiLayEverAfter

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Today I am sharing a personal story about my engagement proposal that recently happened on December 23rd, 2016. A lot of you have been wanting to know how it happened and fun little details about the proposal so that is why I thought I would share the beginning of our new journey. Some of the images below may be slightly blurry because they were taken on cell phones with friends at our post-engagement party.

December 23rd, 2016 started off as any other day to my knowledge except that I was going to drive from Hope, Arkansas (where I am from) to Little Rock, Arkansas to meet up with some of best girlfriends who were in town for the holidays. We had planned to meet up for lunch and to get our nails done. Well, we were supposed to be sitting down at lunch at around 12:00 pm and of course, I was running behind (yes, I am one of those girls). I thought it was weird how everyone was being so uptight about me being late, even my mom was telling me to hurry. I did find it strange too that my mom was very concerned about how I looked that day. It was pouring rain outside so I wanted to change into something more comfortable as opposed to the dress that I was wearing and she was not having it haha. I will admit I was a little suspicious that something was going on by the time I left my parents home but I let it go quickly and hurried to Little Rock.

I met up with my best friends to get our nails done (I missed lunch, oops). A little hiccup at the nail salon that I now find pretty funny but the owner came out and looked at me asking if I was Mellisa (one of my best friends who was there). When I said no and pointed to Mellisa, she said okay your boyfriend paid for all of you to get your nails done. I laughed when she said that because I was just thinking wow she just called my best friend’s fiance her boyfriend instead. I forgot about it quickly but now looking back on it that was a definite giveaway. After we got our nails done, we did what girls do best and went shopping at different local boutiques. We stopped for coffee shortly after and while leaving to the next “shopping boutique” my friends started acting really weird.

My friends Mellisa and Savannah were acting so strange about finding this particular store downtown Little Rock. I was listing off every single place that I could think of because Mellisa was acting like she couldn’t find the address. So we are driving around downtown Little Rock when all of the sudden we start pulling up to Next Level Events at the Union Train Station (where Phillip and I met at a Boys & Girls Club fundraising event). We start pulling up and my heart was seriously beating out of my chest as I start seeing Phillip on the front steps with candles and roses surrounding him. Talk about a breathtaking moment, it still takes my breath away just thinking about it.

I start walking up to Phillip and he grabs my hands while pulling out a note in the back of his pocket. The note described a number of days since we met in that exact spot, a number of days since we became boyfriend & girlfriend and a number of days since we said: “I love you.” Next thing I knew, the love of my life reaches over and grabs a ring box while taking one knee. He states how this time tomorrow he hopes that we are able to say that it has been 24 hours since we became engaged. Then he asked me in the most romantic way possible, “Will you marry me?” and of course I said “YES”. To say I feel like the luckiest girl alive would be an understatement. I truly feel blessed to have met the man that I will happily spend the rest of my life with.

Thank you to all of my sweet friends and family that came out to celebrate our big day. Many others friends were there to support us. I just shared the images that I was tagged in with my Instagram account @styleonedge_

We are so happy to share this story with you guys today on the blog. We are happily planning the big day already. I cannot wait to share more about our adventures to come as being engaged. I hope that you all have such a great day today. #HappiLayEverAfter