How To Design A Workspace That Will Boost Productivity

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Have you been struggling with feeling less productive while working? Creating an office space that is inspiring can help motivate you. In today's post, you will learn how to design a workspace that will boost productivity. 

I am actually writing this blog post in my new home office space right now, and I love it! Finally, everything is starting to come together in our new apartment. So I will be sharing more home inspiration and tips throughout my apartment revamp project. 

Tips For Designing A Productive Workspace

1. Location Is Key

When selecting your home office space, make sure that it is the best choice. You want the space to be comfortable, but not too cozy that you lack productivity. So the spot needs to be a place that is quiet, free from distractions and easy to keep clean. Ideally, you want to use the same spot each day so that you instantly are in work mode in that space. 


Morgan England blogger new workspace to improve productivity

2. Find The Right Desk For You

The main piece of furniture in any workspace is the desk, typically. So make sure you invest in one that you will love to work at each day. If you have enough room in your office, try to find a desk with ample space on top (like mine from Bungalow 5). Drawers are a must if you want a clutter-free desktop for productivity. 

Also, don't forget to look for a good office chair for your new space! It is important to find a chair that is both comfortable, yet designated for work alone. You can shop the chair that I recently got from Bungalow 5, by clicking HERE. I actually have a full blog post about this furniture brand, if you want to check it out HERE

3. Light Up Your Space

Natural light makes me always boosts productivity. The more light, the better in my opinion. So try to sit facing a window for an inspiring view while working. If you do not have a window, you can actually purchase light bulbs that mimic natural light. I use these ones whenever it is dark outside and I am working late. 


4. De-clutter Your Workspace

To boost productivity, we must eliminate all clutter in a working environment. Having endless piles of papers on top of your desk is so distracting. So I suggest purchasing items that organize your workspace and look decorative, too! For example, these file folders from Paper Source are phenomenal for quickly organizing my paperwork. 

When you have a place for everything in your office, then you can focus more on work. Another tip is using baskets and bins to hide unavoidable clutter that piles up during the day. I love the style of this basket


5. Decorate To Inspire

Decorating is not only a fun part of designing a workspace, but it is also necessary for productivity. Sitting in a white room with blank walls screams "boring" and will make you hate being in there. So try adding home accents that you love to spice up your office area. Like this gold floor lamp from Lamps Plus. 

Ultimately, you want to create a space that you enjoy, so you will want to work! I love creating mood boards to inspire myself when working on my blog. Also, hang wall decor items at a higher level so you can easily see them for inspiration. When the creative juices are flowing, my productivity increases as well!

Try to focus on color when picking out home decor pieces for your workspace. I highly suggest going with a color theme, so everything flows. For example, my primary color is blue with gold accents. The color stands out thanks to this fantastic rug from eSaleRugs. So you want a workspace that is not only functional but also inspiring to work in each day! 


So now that your workspace is looking perfect, you should see a boost in productivity. Just remember to keep up the creative space, so you are enjoying working in your office. I hope that you all have a great weekend re-decorating for a very productive week ahead!  


Photographer: Style On Edge