5 Quick Hairstyles To Pull Off In 5 Minutes Or Less

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Do you often find yourself running late for work or appointments because of styling your hair? If so then you have come to the right place! We all struggle with finding the perfect balance while we are getting ready for the day. Often, I am thinking, “man, why did I scroll through Instagram that extra hour” because now my hair looks awful. I don’t know about you, but I have been struggling with this since day one. So today I am sharing five quick hairstyles that you can pull off in only five minutes or less.

5 Quick Hairstyles To Try:

Below you will find five quick hairstyles to pull off in 5 five minutes or less. Yes, you did read that correctly, I said “five minutes or less.” So this week I challenge you to pull up this brief tutorial and try it out for yourself. If you are taking longer than five minutes for these natural hairstyles, then chances are you are trying too hard. So just relax a little longer this morning and use that extra free time to do something you love.

  • Messy Ballerina Bun

Messy Ballerina Bun featured on Style On Edge quick hairstyles by Morgan England

One of my go-to hairstyles, when I am in a hurry is the messy ballerina bun. For starters, I put my hair in a very high ponytail and make sure that is secure. After that step, I then wrap the ponytail around the center to form the perfect ballerina bun. Finally, I pull tiny pieces of the secured bun out to create a messy look.

  • High-Volume Pony

High Volume Ponytail featured on Style On Edge beauty blog by Morgan England

The high-volume ponytail is the perfect hairstyle for any hair type. I have fragile hair, and even I can make it work. For starters, section your hair, pulling the top half up in a clip. After this step, I then tease the bottom part of my hair and secure it with an elastic band. Then, I repeat this step once more for the top half. Finally, I grab both ponytails and bring them together as one. Tease it up a little and you have the perfect high-volume look.

  • Top Knot

Half Up Half Down Top Knot Bun featured on Style On Edge beauty blog by Morgan England

Another one of my personal favorites is the top knot half up, half down style. For starters, I section my hair and tease the bottom half of my head. Then I grab the top half and start teasing away. After I get the volume that I am looking for, I make a ponytail with that section of the hair. Finally, I wrap the hair around to form a messy top knot bun. You can be creative with this hairstyle. Feel free to add an additional bun as well for an edgy look.

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  • Side Braid

Side braid quick hairstyles featured on Style On Edge beauty blog by Morgan England

The side braid can be either super fast or challenging depending on your skill level. For this blog post, I am going to just create a simple, single side braid. Start by pulling your hair to either side that you prefer. Once you have it all together on side, then start braiding away. Finally, once you have ran out of hair to include in the braid tie it off with an elastic band.

  • Twist It Back

Twist quick hairstyles featured on Style On Edge beauty blog by Morgan England

Messy hair is in style right now, so for this hairstyle don’t feel like you need to apply heat first. For starters, grab two sections of hair that frames your face. Then just twist the strands of hair with your fingers as you pull them back. Finally, secure the pieces in the middle of your head with a bobby pin or fun barrette.

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Who knew that styling hair could be so easy? Now you are ready to focus on the day ahead while looking fabulous.  So what are some quick hairstyles that style each day? Please leave a comment below to share your thoughts.