My Step By Step Skincare Routine Revealed

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So I have shared before my full skincare routine but I have recently had multiple people ask me to post it again. So here is an updated version for all of you who are interested. I originally could not decide how I wanted to compile the entire post together so now I am thinking I will just do a step by step written out tutorial for you guys. I also have tagged all of the products that I use so you can purchase your own by just clicking on the image or link below. 

1.     I start off by using a makeup remover to remove all of my makeup that I had on that day. I use a facial cleansing make up remover wipe just because I feel like it is easier for me to remove my eye makeup.

2.     I grab my special towel (it is a facial cleansing towel, tagged below) and I put about a nickel size of cleanser on the towel. I put that portion of the towel under warm water (helps open pores, cold water restricts the pores) and then I rub it into my skin in a circular motion. I also sometimes switch between using my towel or my clarisonic mia to cleanse my face.

3.     Once a week I use an exfoliator to remove all of the dead skin cells that build up over time. If you are having issues with your makeup looking splotchy it is probably because you are in need of some exfoliation my friend.

4.     I grab a cotton pad or cotton ball and I soak it in the toner that I use. I rub the toner all over my face except the eyes (that will burn so bad, please be careful).

5.     I use my extractor that I recently purchased, I love it even though it is kind of gross to use and I extract any blemishes that I need to get rid of. Using your hands to pick at your skin is only going to make it worse due to the oil in your skin. It is better to use an extractor that you can sterilize after each use.

6.     I apply my acne solution over any areas that seem to be giving me trouble.

7.     I apply my oil free lotion all over my face to get rid of any excessive oil on my face.

8.     I apply my night time face moisturizer all over before I go to sleep. It is really like I am giving my facial skin a drink of water each time I use this stuff. My face is combination skin so it can be tricky finding the right balance.

9.     I apply my eye cream underneath my eyes and at the top part of my eyelid. I just recently learned that your eye cream travels on your skin after you put it on so if you apply it right underneath your eye or on your lower eye lid then you are probably going to have irritated eyes in the morning.

10. Every morning I re-cleanse my face and re-apply my eye cream and acne solution for better results. I actually spoke with the woman who does my facials and she said that it is so important to cleanse twice a day instead of just once. She’s amazing, so I trust what she says.


So that is everything that I do with my skin each morning and night, it is a fairly simple routine to keep your skin fresh, clean, and well hydrated. Any suggestions for new products to try? I am obsessed with new products and trying them out, so please let me know. I am that odd girl who always in trying to get free samples at Sephora and Nordstrom just to try them out. I hope you all have a blessed Tuesday.