The Versatile Top Of The Season Featuring Evy’s Tree

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I cannot believe that it is already snowing like crazy, where did the fall season go? I was not exactly prepared this year for the winter storm that is upon us. It is officially time to bring out the winter clothing and accessories once again. I basically live in sweaters during the winter. I love how chic they look, yet they are so unbelievably comfortable. Needless to say when I was contacted by Evy’s Tree to try out their new top “The Jessica”, I was completely sold. The top is the perfect mix of chic style and cozy feels. 

I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet. What I love most about this new top is that is such a versatile piece of clothing. The Jessica top can be worn multiple ways to fit every ladies style. How cool is that? You guys know how I live for versatile pieces, and this one may just be my new favorite. The way that I chose to wear the top was by fastening the buttons around my neck so that the top is wrapped around my body. Another way that you can style the top is by turning it into a cardigan. The fastening of the top is the same concept; you just would not wrap the top around your neck. You would fasten the buttons behind the neck instead. CLICK HERE FOR MORE TIPS ON STYLING THE JESSICA. 

I wore this top today actually to tackle the snow showers and it kept me so warm. The Jessica top is also one of the softest pieces of clothing that are hanging in my closet right now. If you are looking for a stylish, yet comfy top; you will definitely want to pre-order this one. The Jessica top is available for pre-order from the Holiday 2016 Collection right now in the color Oatmeal. Your Friday just got better because the top is also currently on sale! I have linked the exact top from the images above as well as my favorite picks from Evy’s Tree online shop. I hope you all are having the best Friday and ready to kick off the weekend in style!

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