Top 10 Apps That Every Girl Boss Needs On Her Phone X CaseApp

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So every girl boss is expected to be connected with others pretty much 24/7 and luckily our smartphone devices have made that possible. Today I have teamed up with CaseApp to show my girl boss readers, my top 10 favorite apps that I need to stay on top of my game and the perfect cases to protect that precious device of yours. If something happened to my phone, I have been honest with you I would be in so much trouble because I have my life on that thing. When you are expected to be connected with everyone on a day to day basis, the best way to make this happen is to keep everything on your phone. This way, you now have your life in the palm of your hand. 

I love phone covers; it is just a fun way to express yourself and dress up the device that you use each day. I love the ones that I recently received from CaseApp. You have the option of personalizing your phone case so no one will have the same one as you. I created one that has marble print and blush (my favorite combination) with my blog name on it. How cool is that? I love being able to personalize items that I purchase and make them my creation. If you are not the creative type, no worries CaseApp has you covered with a variety of already made designs just for you. You can also browse designs that others created on their website for a little bit of inspiration. I designed one myself and then I also went with one of their designs because it was too cute to pass up. 

CaseApp offers two different types of cases: high gloss or satin finish. Each case is designed to perfection and will fit your phone like a glove for even better protection. I always scratch off the print on my phone covers, but with CaseApp the high-quality printing that they use makes their phone cases resistant to scratches. The slim fit shape will also protect your phone from light bumps and shocks. If you rough with your phone and need more protection, no worries CaseApp also offers an extra protection phone case. CLICK HERE to check out the different options that CaseApp has to offer. 

Now that you have the most stylish phone ever, thanks to CaseApp you need the best apps to go with it. I have listed below my top 10 favorite apps that help me to run my business and make my life so much easier. 

Top 10 Favorite Apps:

1. Google Calendar: I love using my Google calendar to organize my schedule. You have the option of viewing your schedule by day, week, or month. I also have it synced to my Gmail account so brands that I work with send event requests that directly get added to my calendar. I love that I can access my calendar everywhere as well, I can use it on my apps on my iPad and iPhone, and I even access it just online using any computer. 

2. Adobe Fill & Sign: A big part of blogging and running any business is signing multiple contracts on a day to day basis. This app gives you the ability to view contracts and sign on the go when you do not have access to your computer. 

3. Scanner Pro: I love being able to scan documents that I have a paper copy of to make them digital. Digitalizing your life is the best way to stay organized and have everything at your fingertips. It is so easy to use, and you will love it. 

4. Hootsuite: I always like to plan out my social media content, and this app makes it so much easier. I use this app to plan out my Twitter and Facebook posts throughout the week. 

5. Mosaico: If you are all about your Instagram aesthetic like I am, then you will love using this app to plan out your content. You can easily move around your photos that you want to post to see how they will look as a whole before you post them. 

6. VSCO: I always have used this app when it comes to editing my photos for social media. It always you to save edits on the app so you can use the same edit on each photo and have a cohesive look on Instagram. 

7. Stylebook: I use this app to plan out my outfits for the week. You just take pictures or download images of clothing items that you own, and you can save them to this app. You can organize the items into different clothing categories to see what you have in your closet. You can look through your closet from your phone and then mix and match outfits to create an excellent look. 

8. Evernote: You know how I scan the documents that I have paper copies? Well, this is where I save them. I use Evernote to make notes, keep papers and clip articles/pictures from the web that I want to view later. You can create different portfolios to organize your documents into digital files. 

9. OneSafe: I use this app to save all of my passwords. You are probably thinking to yourself, is that safe? Well with this app you create a unique passcode that no one is going to figure out with a touch passcode as well. So now all of your passwords are in one place and safe for your eyes only. 

10. Dropbox: I use this app to save all of my photos so that I have access to them on both my computer and my mobile devices. You can also share photos with others using the Dropbox app. You can access Dropbox online and with the app giving access to your photos and documents everywhere. 

I hope that these apps help you stay organized and on top of your game as they have for me. You really will feel more in control of your business having access to all of your items through apps like these. I have even more excellent apps that I use, but these 10 are my favorites that I use each day. I hope you all enjoy your Monday and jump on the digital band wagon.