Top 5 Beauty Products That Will Change Up Your Beauty Routine

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Hands down, this is currently my favorite beauty product ever! It is amazing for covering up dark circles and blemishes. I also use this product as the lighter shade for whenever I contour my face. This product is a little more expensive but this one little bottle will last you a very long time. I use a concealor brush to apply this makeup and my blender ball to give it an airbrushed look. You will not be disappointed in this makeup product. I have now included into all of my makeup routines.

If I had to choose only one make up product to wear for the day, this would be it! I am a mascara fanatic. My lashes are naturally so light that my eyes look bald without it. I have had false lash extensions before and I loved them, but when I had them removed I felt like I had no lashes left at all. This mascara is one for the books. My lashes actually look just as long up close as they did whenever I had the lash extensions. It blows my mind how great this stuff works for me. You cannot go wrong by purchasing this mascara.

So the other day I was shopping for lipstick with my mom and I was upset because I found this awesome matte lip color that was perfect for the fall but it kept coming off and leaving a dried out look on my lips. The woman who was helping us, introduced us to this miracle of a product. You put this on before you do your lips and I guarantee you that it’s staying on all day and night. It is awesome! It also makes your lips very soft, making your lipstick go on so smooth. This is gross, but I always have issues around this year with getting severely chapped lips due to the weather changing. I have not had one problem since I have started using this product. You can also use this product after you have applied your lipstick to blend it in better. Your lipstick is going to double it’s life span in combination with this product because you will not have to reapply your lipstick during each day. I don’t know about you guys, but this girl had to always reapply her lipstick nearly every hour before I started using this bad boy lol

I swear by this setting spray. It really is an incredible product that you should invest in. I actually purchased my 4 oz bottle last August in 2014 and I am still using it, with a lot left over. Normally, I would have purchased the cheaper option of the 1 oz bottle, just being honest, however after checking prices it really is smarter to go ahead and purchase the 4 oz for 30 dollars because the 1 oz is 15 dollars. So basically, after you have had to buy 4 bottles of the 1 oz product you would have spent 60 dollars instead of 30 dollars up front. I don’t know, just a suggestion if you are a bargain shopper like I am. Back to the product use, I apply this setting spray after I have completed my full makeup routine, lips and all. I always had a problem where after about lunch time, my face looked like I didn’t even put on makeup that day. It was so annoying! If you have that problem, I promise this is the solution to that problem. I spray my face each time in four sections. I spray my forehead, my chin & lip area, and both sides of my cheeks. The name does not exaggerate, my make up really does last all night now!

Last, but certainly not least: Primer! I actually must admit, I never used a primer until abut 2 years ago. Before purchasing Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, I tried going the cheap route by purchasing a makeup primer from Walgreens for around 8 dollars or so. The cost was great, but it left my face feeling so oily. I honestly felt gross after putting it on. Like I have mentioned previously, my makeup never really stayed on well, especially during the summer heat. I finally caved and decided to try a different Smashbox Photo Finish primer that worked very well for me and I used the entire bottle up. Another issue that I struggle with is frequent break outs when I wear makeup every day. Which is the exact reason why I decided to try out this blemish control primer instead of purchasing a new bottle of the other Smashbox product. It works incredible, it is actually working underneath my makeup to clear up blemishes, how cool is that? I have definitely noticed a difference in the over all look of my makeup, the duration that it stays on, and the quality of my skin.

Listing my top 5 beauty must haves was kind of hard for me to do, just because I love beauty products and trying new things out. If you have looked at the Shop tab on my website, you know that I use multiple products. I went with these products because they really make a difference in the look of your make up. Sometimes these type of products like the primers and setting spray are more important than even the makeup itself. I love sharing my personal beauty routine with you guys because I want you to be able to experience the same results that I have received. I like to make things easy for all of you so I have attached links to each product, so just click on the image and it will direct you to the site where I purchased the item so you can do so as well. If any of you do try out these products, let me know! I would love to hear about your own personal results and suggestions of how you used them. Maybe some of these products will get you through your hump day haha!


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