Vacation Must-Haves For Spring Break 2017

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Today is the first day of March which means that it is time to start thinking about vacation time. I love to travel and I am looking forward to traveling more this year since I am officially done with school. For every trip that I go on, I always have my must have items on me at all times. So that is why I decided to compile my vacation must-haves for spring break 2017. Also, as promised there is a fun giveaway for you to enter at the bottom of this post (make sure that you check it out).

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Vacation is one of the best things to plan each year; however packing prior to traveling is a different story. Are you one of those people who tend to forget things at home before you leave? I am always so forgetful so I always like to plan ahead of time. I created this list of my vacation must-haves for those of you who need a little extra help.

Vacation Must Haves for Spring Break 2017:

1. Swimsuits

When planning a vacation especially for spring break, you can never pack too many swimsuits in my opinion. Below are a few of my favorites for this spring break.

2. Rolling Luggage

So I am one of those girls who are picky about their luggage being a certain way. I really only like to use luggage bags that have the 360-degree wheels on the bottom. If you have not tried one out yet, I promise you will love it. I tagged a few options below that have the wheels that I was referring to.

3. Sunnies

Is it really a vacation if you didn’t ever wear sunglasses? I wear a pair of sunnies almost every day that I am out and about. They are perfect for those vacation days when you want to avoid putting on eye makeup.

4. Eye-fi Mobi Memory Card

I think it goes without saying why I would need a camera on me at all times considering what I do (blogging). So I usually have to haul around not only my big canon camera but also my laptop to download the images after a shoot. I was so happy when I discovered this memory card because it is wireless so it syncs to your mobile device. No more waiting to use a computer to download your images, not you can use your DSLR camera and have them right on your phone.

5. Sandals

During spring break, I am typically in a warmer environment so sandals are the definite must when it comes to shoes. My favorite style right now is flatforms, I seriously cannot get enough of them!

6. Selfie Stick

If you are scared to ask random people to take your photo, don’t miss out on capturing memories. Just pack a selfie stick to use with your phone when you want to capture that fun beach moment with your friends.

7. Crossbody Bag

So I am not a huge fan of oversized handbags anyways but I definitely do not want to have to haul around a huge purse during my vacation. I always carry at least one crossbody bag with me to put all of my daily necessities while I am exploring the vacation place.

8. Sundresses

I always pack a few sundresses when I am on a spring break vacation. Sundresses make the perfect outfit piece for both during the day and out at night. You will save so much space in your luggage by packing sundresses instead of multiple clothing items to make one outfit.

9. Denim Cut Off Shorts

I love wearing denim cut off shorts in the spring time. I must admit I am partial to my One Teaspoon shorts, they fit so well. If you are wanting to save a little bit on shorts this year, I added some great pairs of denim cut-offs that will be perfect for your vacation.

10. Travel Size Beauty Products

If you are flying at all, then this is really the only option you have. Even if you are road tripping this spring break, I still recommend using travel-size beauty products. You will save yourself both space and money during each trip. Also, I like to use this travel size products because then I can just keep them packed in my carry on for the next time I travel.

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