How to Dress Like Suzie from Stranger Things

Suzie, played by Gabriella Pizzolo, is a new character introduced in the third season of the popular Netflix series, Stranger Things. She quickly became a fan favorite due to her quirky personality and iconic singing scene with Dustin. If you want to dress like Suzie for Halloween or a cosplay event, this guide will help you achieve her unique look.

Hair and Makeup Suzie has long curly hair with bangs. To achieve her hairstyle, you can use a curling iron to create loose curls and a hair straightener to create bangs. You can also use a wig if you prefer. For makeup, Suzie wears a natural look with a light pink lipstick.

Clothing Suzie’s clothing style is vintage-inspired with a touch of whimsy. She wears a variety of colorful dresses with floral patterns, lace, and ruffles. To replicate her look, you can search for vintage or vintage-inspired dresses at second-hand stores or online retailers. Accessorize with a pair of white knee-high socks and brown oxfords or Mary Janes.

One of Suzie’s most iconic outfits is the sailor dress she wears during her duet with Dustin. To create this look, you can find a blue and white striped sailor dress and pair it with white knee-high socks and black Mary Janes. Add a white sailor hat to complete the outfit.

Another outfit Suzie wears in the series is a pink and white polka dot dress with a yellow cardigan. You can search for similar items at thrift stores or online retailers. Accessorize with white knee-high socks and brown loafers.

Suzie’s style is playful and feminine, with a nod to vintage fashion. With these tips, you can easily recreate her look and dress like Suzie from Stranger Things.

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