How To Style Coastal Glasses During The Holidays

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Do you struggle with having bad eyesight but still refuse to wear your glasses during holiday celebrations? Well, you aren’t the only one my friend, I am guilty of doing the same thing. For those of you reading for the first time, my eyesight is awful, by the way. I have a cataract in my right eye that has been there since 1992 ( the year I was born). So needless to say, this whole situation has been a constant struggle throughout my entire life.

Luckily now, there are brands like Coastal who are designing unique frames that actually look stylish. I find it funny that for years I would squint my way through a crowd just avoid wearing glasses because now everyone is wearing them. At NYFW, girls who didn’t even need glasses were wearing them. So this year, you need to look and feel confident when gathering with old friends and family members to celebrate. Below, I am sharing how I will be styling my Coastal glasses during the holidays.

How To Style Coastal Glasses During The Holidays


Before you purchase a pair of glasses, you definitely want to make sure they fit perfectly. For those of you who have ever worn poorly fitted glasses know what I am talking about. You will feel so much more confident at that holiday party coming up if your frames are on point!

Personally, this is why I love shopping for glasses on Coastal. They have this awesome tool to help you find the perfect fit, called MyFit tool. You just add your measurements and it will provide you with the best selection of glasses that will compliment your face shape. I think my pair fits perfectly, all thanks to this amazing online tool.


So since most of us who own glasses wear them daily (unless you sleep in contacts), we need our frames to go with a variety of outfit options. With that being said, I always prefer to buy neutral colors when it comes to glasses.  Coastal makes buying multiple glasses affordable, even if you have a stronger prescription so you can buy a bold pair and a more neutral style. However, if you are actually needing to wear these each day, I do suggest that you stay neutral.


If you are selecting a neutral color, then it should be pretty easy to style outfits with them. Most clothing pieces should compliment your neutral frames in the best way. On the other hand, if you did decide to go with a bold color choice, then definitely select colors that will go with the glasses. Also, when wearing glasses be mindful when wearing over-the-top statement jewelry and highly detailed tops/outerwear. You want to enhance the look of your new eyewear, not take away from them.

In the past, did you avoid wearing something just to fit in with everyone else? We all have our moments when we question our personal style choices by comparing ourselves to others. So instead of changing who you are, be confident in your unique look.


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** There are a few exceptions to the offer: excludes Oakley, Arnette, Ray-Ban, Bolon, and Main + Central x ME to WE frame.

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